Top 5 Benefits of Corrosion Resistant Materials


Top Benefits of Corrosion Resistant Materials for Industries

Water, high humidity, mist or salt can cause major corrosion without corrosion resistant materials

Almost all industries in Malaysia face problems of corrosion. Most probably due to the high humidity and presence of water and salt.

However, corrosion protection methods and applications have greatly developed over the year. These systems can help extend your business service life and reduce downtime.

Thus, it is crucial to know what are the main causes of corrosion, how do you prevent corrosion, and why is corrosion protection important.

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion occurs when a metal reacts with oxygen, hydrogen, or electric current. Other causes include exposure to bacteria and stress which can crack the metal.

What are the disadvantages of corrosion?

Corroded structures are often caused by improper constructions. Due to poor planning, more expenses are needed to replace corroded equipment.

Indirectly, natural resources are wasted away which isn’t good for sustainability.

Apart from this, corrosion will harm workers’ wellbeing, lead to indirect costs, and ruin the company’s reputation entirely. So how do you prevent corrosion?

How do you prevent corrosion?

There are many common ways to prevent corrosion such as below:

  • Use non-corrosive metals such as aluminum and stainless steel
  • Keep corrosive areas dry
  • Apply drying agents on corrosive equipment
  • Regularly clean any¬†electrical components

However, these are not suitable for large structures such as coal-fired power plants and chemical process vessels.

Therefore, the most suitable solution for such applications is to use corrosion-resistant materials.

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Benefits of Corrosion Resistant Materials

Generally, equipment exposed to harsh corrosive agents needs chemical protection. That’s why engineers use chemical-resistant material as corrosion protection to prevent equipment damage.

Apart from their acid-proof properties, there are many benefits of corrosion protection for your business.

1. Extend equipment service life with corrosion-resistant materials

Acid proof lining contractors know that with quality corrosion protection, the equipment and facility last longer and are more durable.

Regardless of the chemical exposure, the acid-resistant brick lining can protect against harsh corrosion. As a result, this effectively helps reduce damage with an extra layer of acid-proof concrete.

2. Reduce repair costs

If you apply the right acid-resistant materials to your equipment, less damage occurs. Thus, you won’t have to spend more on constant repairs and maintenance.

As a result, plant managers can allocate unused expenses for other important components.

List of corrosion-resistant materials here.

3. Corrosion resistant materials can prevent operation malfunctions

Not only should you worry about the gradual wear of your acid-proof/resistant castables, but your operation can also face failures if you don’t use the best corrosion-resistant material.

Therefore, to prevent such risks, hire corrosion protection services from a reliable source. So you’re safe from possible costly malfunctions and downtime.

4. Reduce possibilities of injuries with quality corrosion protection

There are some cases where workers are harmed from the effects of improper application of acid-resistant brick lining. 

This may be due to human errors but one way to prevent possible injuries is to apply acid-resistant tiles properly. So, you will need an acid-proof material specialist that can install corrosion protection the right way.

5. Avoid legal and environmental issues

Along with possible injuries your workers face due to improper installations, legal liabilities may follow.

Also, since you are dealing with hazardous chemical reactions, you may also face environmental issues that could ruin your reputation.

Hence, if you’re not keen to tackle such concerns, make sure your corrosion-resistant materials are of good quality and applied correctly.


Benefits of Corrosion Prevention for Every Industry

Corrosion protection can protect your equipment and your business

Basically, each business is unique and requires a unique approach to corrosion protection. After all, there is no one-fits-all solution for corrosion.

With over 40 years of experience handling corrosion problems, SLP Engineering has the qualified skill for corrosion protection.

All in all, our corrosion experts will work with you to apply the ideal corrosion prevention materials for your facility.

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