Refractory Engineering

SLP strictly adheres to the standards set by the API 936 Refractory Installation Quality Control guidelines. Therefore, we are equipped to offer a wide selection of top tier Refractory Engineering products such as fire brick , high alumina cement ( refractory cement ) and ceramic insulation brick that can withstand varying thermal conditions.

We supply refractory monolithics for refractory engineering project


Refractory Monolithics

Refractory monolithic lining used as hot face or back linings in extreme thermal environments.

We supply insulation bricks or fire brick for refractory engineering project


Refractory and Insulation Bricks

Alumina-silicate products that have excellent strength, thermal stability and resistance. In the market, it is commonly known as fire brick.

We supply refractory ceramic fiber for refractory engineering project


Refractory Ceramic Fiber

Refractory ceramic fiber that is light-weight, flexible and an excellent insulator and heat resistor.

we supply refractory anchor for refractory engineering project


Refractory Anchor

High temperature alloy and stainless steel fasteners to reinforce monolithic linings.

We supply refractory insulation board for refractory engineering project


Refractory Insulation Board

High density calcium silicate insulation board with high strength, to resist high temperatures and is light-weight.

We supply plastic refractory and ramming mix for refractory engineering project


Plastic Refractory and Ramming Mix

Refractory monolithic material delivered in pre-compacted block and installed by ramming into final position. In the market, it is commonly known as refractory cement or alumina cement.

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