Team & Policy

The organization emphasizes on quality, performance and safety. Our team is well trained and experienced in complex applications and technical skills. We cooperate with our international trade partners, providing solutions within specific fields and technical support related to design and quality assurance. With the intensive experience, it is our obligations to deliver high professional and quality expertise to our valued customers.

H.S.E Policy

SLP aims to maintain maximum workplace safety, preventing human injury and minimizing environmental impact. Thus, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection is everyone’s responsibility. The management is committed in identifying and managing the associated HSE risks by:

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment to our employees, contractors and related personnel to prevent injury and illness.
  • Enforcing and ensuring safe and healthy work practices and procedures.
  • Mitigation of environment impacts, removal of safety and health hazards and protection of surrounding environments to prevent pollution as well as promoting recycling of waste.
  • Reviewing health, safety and promoting environmental objectives and targets from time to time.
  • Maintaining continuous improvement of Health, Safety and Environmental practices while ensuring its public availability as a form of contribution to society.

Quality Policy

Our company is very definite in offering solid and quality service to our valued customers. Our products and services are tailored to specific needs of different customers, this is the key to our success.

We view quality as a measurable variable of price and performance. The objective is to provide our clients with the best possible benefits and values while keeping the entailing cost at a minimum. Judging on our experience of more than 40 years, we are truly confident that our development will offer solutions to fulfill the quality and safety requirements.

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