In house laboratory adhering to ASTM requirements and standards for all our products, demonstrates its unyielding dedication to manufacturing products of unrivaled QAQC and R&D, solidifying our customers' trust in our brand.

ASTM C 113 – Permanent Linear Change

ASTM C 133 – Cold Crushing Strength & Cold Modulus of Rupture

ASTM C 134 – Bulk Density

ASTM C 181 – Workability Index Of Plastic Refractory

ASTM C 201 – Thermal Conductivity

ASTM C 230 – Flowability Test

ASTM C 401 – Standard Classification Of Alumina And Alumina-Silicate Castable Refractory

ASTM C 704 – Abrasion Resistance

Chemical Analysis (XRF)

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