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SLP offers Hot Spot Repair based on your unique requirements.

Our 45 years of experience include exceptional hot spot repair services for major industries such as petrochemical plants and refineries.

Our skilled hot spot repair engineers use a surefire method by applying a specially-developed pumping mix using a controlled pump system to fix your refractory.

With our Hot Spot Repair solutions, you don’t have to go through a total operation shutdown, which can undoubtedly save immense cost and downtime.

Our Hot Spot Repair Process

While the system is still operational, holes in the casting plate are drilled before couplings are welded onto it. Then, specially designed injection molds are injected through the mounted couplings.

The entire hot spot area cools down immediately after the injection mold is injected. Afterward, the change in pressure and the engineer's expertise indicate when the gap is completely filled.

Now, the drilled holes/couplings have been sealed. Typically, the repaired area stays colder than the rest of its surroundings.

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