Being a plant manager has a lot of responsibilities. With so many things on your mind, you’ll need all the help you can get.
Here are some basic refractory tips for plant managers you should know when managing construction or repairs.

Refractory Project Tips Every Plant Manager Should Know

A refractory project may be the least of your concerns, but it can keep your whole operation intact

What is refractory?

A refractory project consists of materials that can withstand the harsh environments of a plant. This includes extreme heat, pressure or chemical damages.

Therefore, a successful refractory installation maintains its structure and strength. Usually, refractory is applied in furnaces, incinerators, kilns and reactors where heat is intense.

Refer: Refractory 101

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Top 5 Benefits of Corrosion Resistant Materials

Water, high humidity, mist or salt can cause major corrosion without corrosion resistant materials

Almost all industries in Malaysia face problems of corrosion. Most probably due to the high humidity and presence of water and salt.

However, corrosion protection methods and applications have greatly developed over the year. These systems can help extend your business service life and reduce downtime.

Thus, it is crucial to know what are the main causes of corrosion, how do you prevent corrosion, and why corrosion protection is important.

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8 Industries that Benefit from Refractory Solutions

Refractory is vital for many industries 

Refractory solutions are essential for all heat-related production processes. Apparently, the most important industries require proper refractory applications.

In general, without refractory, industries can’t produce desperately needed items for the community.

Therefore, we’ve listed down the various industries that need refractory solutions in Malaysia.

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5 Technical Steps to Refractory Installation

How to Install Refractory?

The advanced development of engineering technology has made refractory installation more effective.

Every plant manager must know about refractory lining before refractory installation. It is the layer applied to kilns or furnaces to resist high heat, thermal shocks and abrasion.

Hence, it is important to know how to apply refractory materials. This includes refractory bricks, monolithic refractory, and refractory castables.

So, you need a skilled refractory installation contractor for refractory proper installation.

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Common Refractory Installation Failures and How to Fix Them

How to Repair Refractory Installation Failures

Refractory installation is an essential part for heat-generating industries.

Nonetheless, the refractory installation lacks the attention it deserves.

That is why you need a certified and experienced refractory contractor. Because they can properly design and install refractory engineering. Hence, you can save up to 5-7% of fuel costs.

But, it is difficult to detect why refractory materials fail. This is due to the complex process only refractory contractors can figure out.

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6 Services that a Refractory Contractor Should Provide

Services that a Refractory Contractor Should Provide

Whether you are looking to install a refractory project or repair your furnace refractory, you need the best refractory contractor near you.

Take note that the refractory industry requires complex techniques and utmost precision. So, deciding on a reputable refractory installation contractor should not be taken lightly.

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of refractory contractor services so your refractory installation is in good hands.

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High Alumina Cement Uses & Its Properties

What is High Alumina Cement?

High alumina cement is made by grinding alumina and calcareous material such as lime through sintering or fusing.

Also known as calcium aluminum cement, it is a common and popular refractory material because of its benefits and uses.

So in this article, we reveal why it is the best refractory material.

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6 Top Corrosion Resistant Materials in Malaysia

What is the most corrosion resistant material?

Corrosion is never welcome so prevent it today

Chemical plants and petrochemical plants need top grade corrosion resistant materials.

This is due to the exposure to corrosive materials that can cause corrosion.

Moreover, anti corrosive materials prevent further damage from corrosive chemicals while reducing downtime.

SLP not only provides refractory materials but also has a line of corrosion resistant coatings to protect your plant.

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Top Grade Abrasion Resistant Materials in Malaysia

List of Abrasion Resistant Materials in Malaysia

Protect your project with abrasive wear resistance.

Generally, industries dealing with abrasion use high wear resistant material. Also known as abrasion-resistant materials.

Hence, with 40 years engineering, SLP gained knowledge of several abrasion resistant coatings.

So here are the latest abrasion resistant materials in Malaysia based on the installation methods.

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